Nivea lottery, March 2020

Nivea lottery, March 2020

Make memories with Nivea 

It is said, that the best possible present anyone can receive is memories & experience. We strongly agree. Memories made together with family and loved ones are the ones that lasts a lifetime, is cherished & admired the most. 

Make memories with Nivea was a lottery campaign, we created and implemented in all the Baltic countries. It was tailored to a wide target group, mostly putting emphasis on 25+ audience. A special lottery website was created together with instant lottery game. 

Family holiday with the amount you can spend & countless possibilities where to travel, as a main prize, appealed to all the age groups. 

What else makes a memory last? Photos. We all have camera on our smartphone, but the feel of polaroids is a true magic, so it was used as a secondary prize.

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